Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Geeks Are Sexy...

My most recent article has been posted over at It's called "6 Tips for Improving Your Blog Design", and was a fun article to write. I did quite a bit of research for the article, and came across some pretty cool links for bloggers. I have included the links below. Check them out. There is a TON of good information available for bloggers of all skill levels. Lots of inspirational stuff, too.

Here are a few of the links I liked best:

On the subject of cool sites for bloggers, I also decided to join, and, some really cool sites for promoting blogs. If you are new to the blogging world and haven't signed up with them yet, I strongly suggest you do.

Finally, I also found one of the better websites I have ever found - Right now, they got this contest going, and I am thinking about entering for the heck of it. The goal is to write the best "How To" article. We'll see what happens. Of course, all updates will be posted here!

That's about it for now. I am off to shower and go interact with actual humans in the real world. My girlfriend and I are going to look at a house again. We have already looked at it once, but I believe we are going to put on offer in on it after we see it this time. We are planning on taking a few pics, so I will most likely post them here either tonight or tomorrow morning. In any event, wish us luck on the offer.

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