Thursday, October 11, 2007

We Made An Offer...

So we visited the house we want to buy one more time. We had looked at it once before a little over a month ago, and kind of knew at that point that we were going to make an offer on it. All that was necessary was to arrange the financing. BTW, if you are in the market to buy a home, might I suggest Quicken Loans.

Anyhow, get this: when we looked at the place the first time, one of the things we liked very much was the way the staircase to the second floor curved in the landing area. Now, the reason the current owners are selling the place is because the woman has some debilitative health issues. At present, she can't walk upstairs. This is one of the major reasons they are selling the place. Nonetheless, we went into the home yesterday to find that the current owners, within the last month, had spent over $3,400 to STRAIGHTEN OUT THE STAIRCASE!! and add a chair lift.

Now, I don't quite get this. I understand she needed to get around. I also understand that, should we get the place, they will be taking the chair lift with them. But really, who does this? I mean, who puts their place on the market, and then puts several thousand dollars into 'improving' it? Sure it was most definately an improvement for them, but come on - they are gonna be moving! As far as my girlfriend and I considered, this made the house less attractive.

Outside of this change, we still rather liked the place. We figured if nothing else, we can always call the company that made the changes and have it put back the way it was. Of course, this is going to cost us several thousand dollars. Bogus. Nonetheless, we made an offer of $12,900 less than what the current asking price is. We'll see what happens. We're supposed to know something about it by Friday evening. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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